No Carbs After 2pm?! 3 Reasons to give it a try

It's February - which means the resolutioners are quitting, but those who are truly committed to those goals we wrote down on December 31st are still going strong - Did you know 70% of people who make fitness resolutions quit before February? Yikes!

Color- Coded for Portion-Fix containers

But not the ladies in my January group! Nope - 100% of them are still going strong and the fun thing is, we can change things up as we go. I personally get bored easily, so working out at home + having hundreds of options means I never have that excuse to fall back on!

Each month we connect to decide next steps - is it time to amp things up and do a more rigorous program? Or perhaps change things up on the nutrition side of things? 

One thing that has worked really well for me is switching up my meal plan to frontload the day with all my carbs.

I wasn't much of a believer, but last year when I did 22 Minute HardCorps, this was the suggested meal plan and I said what the heck. I liked it so much, I've stuck with it for the most part and right now it's working awesome as I enter Week 5 of The Master's Hammer and Chisel - fasted workouts + no carbs after 2pm! 

Now, I've read conflicting studies/reports on whether frontloading your carbs early in the day truly has any scientific basis for helping you burn calories. Like most things, you can read one article that says it works like magic, or another that says it doesn't matter and you could eat donuts all day and still lose weight . 

So whatever - I just go with my own personal experience - and yes, I aim to keep my carbs off my plate after 2pm, because it works for me. And while it does make sense scientifically to get your energy early in the day, so you can burn it off - bottom line, if you want to give it a try - it certainly won't hurt and you just might be saying no to that baked potato with your dinner!

1) No energy slump after lunch! Yup - you know that, is-it-time-for-a-siesta feeling you get after lunch? I've found I no longer stare longingly at the couch when grabbing my afternoon snack. Even though I get up early every day, I feel energized throughout the day. 

2) A full belly means no mindless snacking - honestly, I'm so full all day - the urge to grab the kids crusts, or sneak a handful of snackies as I walk by the pantry - has been kicked to the curb! Even though I'm eating the same exact macros, I'm less hungry!

3) It's easier to get my veggies in #thestruggleisreal - when you don't have a space on your dinner plate for more carbs, you'll eat more veggies! So double up on the broccoli - if getting your veggies in doesn't come naturally, this will give you more room on your plate and belly to eat a rainbow.

While there's less room in my life for pasta and rice - I have to say, my love of oatmeal has been re-avowed. From hot oatmeal (cooked in the rice cooker) to these kick-ass Berrylicious Overnight Oats. It's nice to start the day with some delicious carbs and not save them for dinner!

What do you think? Are you thinking of giving no carbs for dinner a try?

Check out the meal plan I shared above and if you're looking to stock up on healthy eats, you can grab your own exact copy of my weekly grocery list here!

And as always, you can find me posting daily on my social media sites, so follow me and I'll follow you back!!! (loving me some SnapChat recently!).

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