Sundance, a little drama and 2 Ingredient Dessert Dip

Hard to believe its been 2 weeks since this amazing trip - those of you who know me, know that traveling is NOT my thing. I stress, I have anxiety and then add traveling without my boys - well that adds a whole other layer of craziness.

When my coach first talked to me about this idea of a retreat for all the leaders on our team - a trip to celebrate, bond, and learn/grow together - I was  freaked out at the thought of being gone while the boys were in school. But my husband, being the smart business guy that he is, said I couldn't miss it - that it was a rare opportunity for myself and my team. 

So I sucked up all that anxiety, got my shiz together and made it happen!

Sundance Resort - magical!

This was a Leadership Retreat, complete with a gorgeous mansion in the mountains, personal chef (heck yeah!), professional photo shoot, meetings with Beachbody corporate executives, and a life/business coaching session. #pinchme

However, it was not without a little drama! This trip had been in the works for almost a year and we had what we thought would be a sweet mountain retreat all booked and waiting for us when we arrived.

Ummm, our team arrived at the what we thought would be our retreat house - and after a long day of travel, saw 3 cars in the driveway. Huh? Kinda weird, considering it was supposed to be ready for all 15 of us to hang for the next 4 days...Then upon entering, there were dirty dishes, unmade beds, grocery bags on the counters and it smelled strongly of pot, yes weed, ganja -whatever you want to call it. Our gorgeous team house smelled like a college dorm! What the heck was going on?

Were we being scammed? Did we somehow book the wrong dates? Perplexing, stressful and we were feeling a little bit like Goldilocks - who is sleeping in my bed?! and where were all FIFTEEN of us going to sleep tonight? I was seriously envisioning us camping out in the 14 passenger van (yes, we are that cool, lol!) and the SUV we had rented! Not cool.

Pit stop to regroup after the "news" - had to snap a photo with these gorgeous mountains everywhere!
Well, the current inhabitants returned (probably looking for those groceries to feed their munchies)  - we got in touch with the owner and turns out he had double booked the house. "Oops, sorry - here's a refund. Good luck finding a place for 15 people." And that was the end of that.

So, yup - time to find a new place for all 15 of us - Here's one of those situations where we can decide to A.) freak out? Or B.) step up, keep things positive and know that it will all work out.

A few phone calls later and we found ourselves on our way to this gorgeous $7 million mansion on Sundance Resort. Wait - what? Is this for real? That's all I kept thinking when we walked through the house - I'll post the link to the property below, so you can check it out. Seriously, amazing!

Arriving at our final destination - #thisviewdoesnotsuck

No better place to enjoy my first glass of wine in 6 weeks! #cheapdate

I'm a firm believer that when you put out good energy into the universe it comes back at you 100-fold and this could not be a more perfect example. 

From there on out, all I can say is that this trip was more than we dreamed it could be - every single woman on this trip had worked so hard to be here. 

Beachbody executive, Jeff Hill. #highlightmoment
Life/business coaching session with John C. Maxwell coach #lifechanging

Of course we worked out - duh! #CoredeForce

And we had a freakin' personal chef!!! You guys - she was amazing, both personally, and her chef skills were the bomb. Totally my vibe - super simple, super healthy, and letting the ingredients speak for themselves!

2 ingredient dessert dip:

1 cup sour cream
2 tablespoons brown suger - that's it!
Dip strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, mangos or anything else your heart desires - perfect for the upcoming holidays when you want to ensure there is a healthi-er choice option!

You can watch me make it, over on my Facebook Page - just check out the video section:)

Wine and sending inappropriate messages to husbands. 

Post Sundance hike!
Its hard to put into words what these 4 days have meant to me personally and professionally. Certainly coaching is not what I thought it was, that day 2 1/2 years ago when I said yes to this opportunity. I didn't know how it would change me, I didn't know it would make me a better wife, mother, and I certainly didn't expect that it would turn into a career.

This retreat only solidified my love for this team, the women I surround myself with daily, and my vision for the future.

Thank you for being part of this and if you want to stalk on the amazing mansion we had the pleasure to call home during the retreat - check it out! P.S. Movies have been filmed on the back deck and for good reason! Blue Light Mountain Resort

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