5 Simple Summer Salads

You guys - I know its been a while since I posted - the end of school year is always so crazy! Well, the insanity has come to an end - the boys had what was quite possibly their best year, yet!

Both came home today (last day) and said they were glad school was out, but they were going to miss their teachers and wished they could have the same teachers next year. Sooooo sweet and I'm incredibly thankful for the patience, understanding, and support they received throughout the year. Watching them grow + thrive into these little men is the best part of being their mama - and their teachers were a huge part of their success this year.

We immediately jumped in the car and headed up to the lake - the whole drive up, I could not stop thinking about how much has changed in the past 2 years - 2 summers ago I was stressed out. Working at my old job, juggling various child care plans, saying "no" to activities and invitations, and feeling pulled in a million  different directions.

Well, today - I packed up my "office"...my laptop, planner, and notebooks are all I need to work from anywhere - no more commute, babysitters, or sitting around all day watching the clock, waiting for 5 o'clock. Gotta say - being my own boss and enjoying our second summer at the lake does not suck!

Instead - I get to be these boy's mama every day - 100%. Swimming, paddle-boarding, tubing, water-skiing, hiking, biking, exploring and making memories! That's what this summer is all about. Now here's hoping they also think picking up after themselves and helping out with chores is part of the picture, too - hahahahaha!

With all the activities and guests that come to visit, I still love to cook - but keeping things simple is the key to being part of the party and not ending up stuck in the kitchen. These 5 salads are tried + true - incredibly simple and delicious. I just know you are going to love them!
{click on the title for recipe details}

Which one will you try first?! 

Wishing all of you a fantastic start to the summer - it goes by far to quickly, so lets all make the most of it and make some memories!

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