Taco Lettuce Wraps

Ok, so Last Week's Meal Plan  may have been my absolute favorite in a long time... Have you ever tried a no-carb or low-carb plan? To be honest, I absolutely do not believe in restricting any one specific food group. My body needs proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. 
BUT - the nutrition plan for my new program, 22 Minute-HardCorps, suggests no carbs after lunch and I decided to go for it!

Surprisingly - this eating plan has absolutely been a game-changer. You know those afternoon cravings? When its between lunch and dinner and you just want to #eatALLthefood???? After just one day on this plan, I no longer had these cravings. By front-loading your day with carbs (in proper portions), you gain energy, stay full and I actually skipped my afternoon snack a couple days. Simply because I was not hungry. Boom!

It was a little tough at first - to me dinner means a protein, vegetable, and carb...so it was hard to re-train my brain to just say no to the carbs at dinner-time! This recipe was amazing, filling, and the kids loved it, too!

Taco Lettuce Wraps

1 pound lean ground beef
3 tablespoons Homemade Taco Seasoning
1/3 cup water
1 package Romaine lettuce hearts

Optional toppings:
grated cheese
Greek yogurt
hot sauce
green onion
halved grape tomatoes

1. Brown ground beef on medium heat until cooked through
2. Add taco seasoning and water, bring to a simmer and allow to thicken
3. Fill one lettuce wrap with 1/4 cup taco meat and top as desired!

**21 Day Fix Portions*** 1 red container ground beef, 3 lettuce leaves, and 1/2 blue of cheese, 1/2 a blue of avocado, tomatoes and green onion)

Yes - we all love Taco Tuesday, but why not save some calories and carbs? Try these next time and let me know what you think!!!

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