Hammer and Chisel Results and Complete Meal Plan of the Week

Woohoo!!! After 60+ days - so thrilled to finally share my Hammer & Chisel results! Clearly, I was in need of kicking my butt into shape, when I started in January. AMAZING how falling off track for just a few weeks can send you into a tailspin and this program was exactly what I needed to get back to feeling "me" again or should I say the new me?!

Surprisingly, I only lost about 4 pounds, but that is because I built tons of muscle. Yup - went from lifting 5's / 12's to lifting 12's/25's! Crazy - never before have I felt so strong or looked forward to workouts. All done in my (cold) basement on my own time.

Last week was a break, I dabbled in some old fave workouts and allowed myself a break for the nutrition plan (did someone say gelato?!) Yup - totally had some gelato and a few other treats, but - so excited to start my new program, 22 Minute HardCorp today!

Monday: Easy BBQ Salmon, asparagus, sweet potato (remember, no dinner carbs for me!)

Tuesday: Taco lettuce wraps, tomato salad, brown rice

Wednesday: Spicy Slow-Cooker Beef and Bell Peppers, brown rice, salad

Thursday: Zoodles with meat sauce

Friday: Shrimp Stir-fry, cauliflower fried rice

So there you have it - my COMPLETE daily meal plan for this week!

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