Just getting Started....

Wow - soo much to share with you guys and I haven't had a minute to sit down and just write. If you follow me on Facebook - you may have noticed some pretty exciting things happened with Team CoreBalance... Exactly one week ago - I received a phone call from Beachbody corporate - I knew it was coming, I knew our team had done amazing things in 2015 (a team that only got started this time last year) - but when I got the call making it official that we were a Premiere team (only 100 coaches out of 400,000 achieved this goal in 2015!) - it suddenly all became so REAL and the emotions came tumbling out...

You see, when I started this journey, I had no clue what I was doing -- ZERO business experience and absolutely in interest in sales. But what I learned quickly, is that I could be successful, because this business is not about sales, this a business about helping people - and yeah, as a wife, nurse, mom, friend - that is definitely something I know how to do.

All the women on our team are incredible - nurses, teachers, attorney's, business-women, and even a bona-fide fashion designer! Women with one very important thing in common - a desire to dedicate themselves to a healthy lifestyle and pay it forward by helping others. 

Team CoreBalance is just getting started - our future is so bright and I cannot imagine how my life would look today if I had not said "YES" to this opportunity. 

You can see some of our awesome Team CoreBalance (TCB) ladies below - as our local crew attended an event last Saturday. Yup - that's me and my maiden voyage with a selfie stick! I think I need one!

 Ah, pre-workout poses and shots (Energize, not alcohol, hahaha!) so much fun hanging out, listening to inspiring stories and getting sweaty (in person) with all these ladies. We are so close and know each other so well from our online groups and team calls - but this was something so special!!!

If you're curious as to what our team is all about and thinking coaching might be a fun addition to your life - please join us next Monday for a Sneak Peek into Team CoreBalance. This is a private online group where we'll share everything you need to know about joining our team, how we get our coaches started right on their businesses and fitness journeys - NO you do NOT need abs of steel to be a coach, just a desire lead a healthy lifestyle and pay it forward to help others!

If we seem like "your people" and would love to be part of my next New Coach Mentor program, then simply fill out this easy online application, so we can connect and get you started with the Sneak Peek!

More recipes coming in the next blog post and a giveaway - so stay tuned!!!

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