Meal Plan of the Week

Its Monday again - and although I wrote out my meal plan and did my shopping already, I'm just now getting this up on the blog for you guys...Another busy weekend full of hockey, soccer, time on the slopes, and watching a (hugely disappointing) football game with friends..sigh. There's always next year!

Monday: Butternut Taco Bowls (subbing butternut squash for the sweet potato - cannot wait for dinner!)

Tuesday: Clean Eating Sausage and Potatoes, broccoli

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Pork Pernil, brown rice, roasted veggies (CSA delivery day!)

Thursday: Honey-Garlic Salmon, rice noodles, stir fried greens

Friday: Whole grain pasta with Easy Crockpot Meat Sauce, salad, cauliflower breadsticks

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