Mindfulness in the New Year

Are you thinking about 2016? How you want your life to look, what changes you would make, and areas that you simply want to improve?

My Mindful Mamas group starts January 4th. This private, online support group is all about helping YOU live a mindful and positive life, both physically and mentally. It’s about learning to love yourself from the INSIDE and taking action + following a program that will give you confidence on the OUTSIDE while creating a long-term healthy lifestyle for yourself AND your family.

This group will focus on helping each of us determine how we want to spend our time - focus on our priorities - say “no” to negativity, “yes” to a positive + healthy life and clear out the clutter in between. 
My current members are having amazing success - losing weight, learning new recipes, setting a healthy example for their families - and prioritizing how they truly want to spend their time/energy. We are so excited to see who will join us in January! 
How to JOIN:
Simply fill out this easy online form so we can connect and see if this group is the right fit for YOU! We are ALL a work in progress - so let’s get together and help each other create our own Masterpiece for 2016!

xo- Lil

Fill out my online form.

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