Holiday Survival Meal Plan

Yikes!!! This has been a craaaaazy few weeks - not only is it the holiday season, but our family has multiple family birthdays in December (including my own:)  + my brother has been visiting us from Sweden- so an abundance of distractions makes meal planning all the more important. This week you'll find a couple recipes to try - the burgers are "tried and true" in our house and the Chicken Caprese looks like a slam dunk!

This cutie turned 8 the other day and was thrilled with his electric scooter - yup, jammies + boots on a rainy December morning - that's how he rolls! He's been outside zipping around at every chance he gets and surprisingly generous, allowing his big brother to use it as well.

In other news - we have discovered pomegranate seeds - a mild obsession has ensued. Ev enjoys whacking the seeds out, but we hear peeling the pomegranate yields great results as well... so we'll be trying that next!

The kids enjoy them straight-up (awesome for the lunchbox!).

I've been enjoying mine many ways, but this salad was my favorite so far. You can head on over to my Fresh Mama Fitness and Health Facebook page for the recipe.

Between the holiday rush and our regular busy lives - meal planning can be your lifeline to sanity and staying on track with your fitness/health goals. In case you missed it - check out my Menu Board Tutorial - no Martha Stewart skills required, hahahahaha!!!

Here's this week's plan:

Sunday: Leftovers!

Monday: Baked Caprese Chicken, broccolini, baked acorn squash

Tuesday: Jalapeno Turkey Burgers, sweet potato, asparagus

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Almond Crusted Chicken, spicy cauliflower bites, salad

Friday: Homemade Pizza

Saturday: TBD

So there you have it! My attempt at keeping my sanity this upcoming week - how are you staying on track???

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