10 Clean Eating Recipes Your Family Will Love

So, you've got resolutions on the brain...Dreaming of healthy meals + losing a few pounds or toning up? But then get stopped dead in your tracks. Oh, those kids - those darn kids who aren't interested in "eating clean". Ugh - who wants to make separate meals for ourselves and the kids? Not me!

Merry Merry!

'Tis the Day After Christmas in our house - a day for giving all the gifts a test run, relaxation, and it looks like a nice family walk will be in order...the weather in New England has been downright tropical - not the norm for this time of year. Where's the snoooowwwww??????

Despite the bizarre weather - our family had a truly magical Christmas. 

We tracked Sanata

Mindfulness in the New Year

Are you thinking about 2016? How you want your life to look, what changes you would make, and areas that you simply want to improve?

Almond-Crusted Chicken Fingers (Gluten-Free)

When you're a food blogger you always take a food photo - but, dang - if I'd known how good these chicken fingers would be, I would have taken better photos for you guys! But rather than whip up some more, this photo will have to do - so you can experience the joy these will bring to your family, ASAP. 

It hits all the major points of a recipe in my book: easy, tasty, family-friendly, and healthy! Sadly, though - no good if you have a nut allergy in the house:( Inspired by a recipe from my Hammer & Chisel program which you can read more about in yesterday's post! When a recipe is kid-approved and clean eating approved, then you know it will become a regular in the rotation! 

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Clean Eating Tasty Turkey Burgers

'Tis the Season for candy, cookie swaps, parties, Champagne, and overindulgence of all kinds. I don't know about you, but this is the time of year I struggle most with staying on track with my meals and snacks. 

So, I did what all normal people do and decided to start a new fitness program, hahahaha! Yup - on Monday I kicked off Hammer and Chisel with my coaches and challengers. A seriously awesome workout program and nutrition plan - (I'll post a video below) and wow - the workouts are amazing and just after 4 days, I'm already seeing results. 

You saw the original version of these turkey burgers in my previous post - but I had to clean them up a bit to work with the Hammer and Chisel nutrition plan. The whole family loved them - kids had them on buns and the hub and I went for naked burgers (wink, wink)! Tons of flavor and the added ingredients keeps the extra lean turkey from drying out - yum, yum!

Holiday Survival Meal Plan

Yikes!!! This has been a craaaaazy few weeks - not only is it the holiday season, but our family has multiple family birthdays in December (including my own:)  + my brother has been visiting us from Sweden- so an abundance of distractions makes meal planning all the more important. This week you'll find a couple recipes to try - the burgers are "tried and true" in our house and the Chicken Caprese looks like a slam dunk!

This cutie turned 8 the other day and was thrilled with his electric scooter - yup, jammies + boots on a rainy December morning - that's how he rolls! He's been outside zipping around at every chance he gets and surprisingly generous, allowing his big brother to use it as well.

Menu Board Tutorial

Hey mamas! Just a quick check-in with this Menu Board Tutorial...

The holiday rush is in full swing - before you know it 2016 will be upon us. How many of you have dreams of being more organized AND eating healthy?? What better time to add a little meal planning to your life and do it in style with this super easy Menu Board.

Believe me, if I can do it - you can too:)

I hope you find this helpful!

xo - Lil
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