Mason Jar Taco Salad {21 Day Fix Approved}

Hey mamas! Ready for a new recipe that will rock your world? These Mason Jar Taco Salads are easy to make, stay fresh for days, and make your taste buds happy - all while keeping you on track with your clean/healthy eating. Whip up a few of these for your Sunday Food Prep and they will be good in the fridge for 4-5 days!

Taco Mason Jar Salads {with 21 Day Fix portions}

1 pound lean ground beef or turkey
2-3 tablespoons Homemade Taco Seasoning
baby spinach + butter lettuce (or Romaine)
grape tomatoes, halved
grated carrot
sliced red onion
chopped sugar snap peas
teaspoon olive oil
1-2 tablespoons light ranch dressing {Homemade or store bought}

1. Cook ground beef in oil, add taco seasoning, stir well and allow to cool.
2. While ground beef cools, chop veggies and make dressing.
3. Layer ingredients START with salad dressing on bottom of jar, then add veggies, followed by ground beef, then pack the lettuce in last.

For 21 Day Fix: 
1 red container ground beef
1 green chopped veggies
1 green lettuce
1 orange salad dressing

This salad travels great in a cooler, simply give it a little shake and dump out onto the plate - doesn't get much easier than that. Incredibly filling and it feels so good to get all those veggies in early in the day!

Quick update on my Magical Tidying up (you can read more HERE)- anyone else out there reading it and putting the system to work in your house? So far I have done most of the clothes - just waiting for the donation truck to arrive! To give you some perspective - all of these drawers were a problem (especially the tupperware drawer!) and using the system provided in the book, I was easily able to pare down what truly belongs in my home and what I needed to let go of!

My casual/comfy pants (AKA my uniform, hahaha)

athletic wear

tupperware drawer 

the kitchen "hell drawer" - under control!
Up next - the office and kid's toys...this whole process is going to take time, but that's ok. I can already feel a weight has been lifted and even though there is still work to do, having this system is making it soo easy to take it one step at a time.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know this past year has included some changes - mainly leaving my office job to coach full-time (yay!) and work from home. I haven't shared many details of what fueled my desire for this change. This blog is my outlet, my "happy place" to share all the things I love. Not a place to vent or bring others down - but believe me it isn't all rainbows and sunshine - for a while I was frustrated, felt out of control and suffered from frequent anxiety (which for me presents as insomnia) 
I was heading down a path of feeling like I was doing what was "safe" and what I was "supposed" to do, leaving me feeling exhausted, stressed, missing my kids, and feeling like a failure left and right. It seemed impossible to "have it all". 
Thankfully, my coaching business was taking off - funny how that happens when you follow your heart...and my amazing supportive husband told me to follow that dream, quit the day job and just go for it!
This experience has inspired me to create my next support group focused on mindful living. If you could change anything right now - what would it be? Are YOU ready to make some changes and live your life to the fullest?! My “Mindful Mamas” group is all about helping YOU live a more mindful and positive life both physically and mentally.
This group will be so much more than fitness and nutrition. Mindfulness is about deciding what TRULY matters in life and taking steps to make the important things a priority for you and your family. Learning to be MINDFUL of how we spend our time, money, and energy.
This group will focus on helping each of us determine how we want to spend our time - focus on our priorities and say “no” to negativity, “yes” to a positive life and clear out the clutter in between.
1 - Together we will determine the best Beachbody fitness/nutrition program to suite YOUR current health goals and get your BODY on the right track to wellness.
2- Within the group I will be sharing tips, recommended books, and strategies I have learned to help live a more mindful life and feed your SOUL.
3- Together we will participate in mini-challenges within the group and  support each other, share ideas and keep each other accountable to our goals.
If you are ready to make this the BEST holiday season ever, for you and your family + invest in yourself and commit to trying to live a more MINDFUL LIFE for 4 weeks , then fill out the easy online form below, so we can connect and get you started right.

It all starts with YOU - Are YOU ready?

Fill out my online form.

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