Its a Journey, not a Destination...

I don't usually share a whole lot here about my fitness journey - I know you mamas come here for the recipes, not to see photos of my (nonexistent) abs, lol! However,  this week I had an experience that made me realize I should share more - because when we don't tell our story, people make assumptions...

Each month, I support new and existing clients via my online accountability groups. I assist each client with finding the right program to help them reach their goals. Then off we go to tackle our goals together, along with the other women in the group!

Yummy Meat and Veggie Balsamic Kabobs

Whew - school is just around the corner for us! Today we hit the outlets for a few items - Colin is obsessed with his fave purchase - a fleece vest

3 Simple Summer Staples

Hey Mamas - have you hit a Farmer's Market or do you get CSA delivery? If not - put a trip to the Farmer's Market on your to-do list for the weekend! Here in New England, the tomatoes are finally in season - the corn is ripe - and the zucchini is rolling in.  With gorgeous weather to enjoy - who wants to be a slave in the kitchen? Not this mama! I thought you might enjoy a few of my favorite simple summer recipes.

A typical summer dinner in the Fresh Mama house

FREE Meal Planning Tutorial

The summer is winding down and its time to get ready for school + activities! In our house, meal planning is a key piece to keeping our sanity - and I am sharing all my tips and tricks with you via my 5-Part Video Series on Meal Planning. Simply fill out the easy registration form to receive the series to your email! The first one will be sent August 31st - so get out your pen and paper for some note-taking!

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