Busy Mom Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys!!! Soooo, last week I made a little video for you guys and shared my daily makeup routine. Well, I say daily - but if you know me in "real" life, you know I probably throw makeup on about 3-4 times/week. However, over the years I have found some tips, tricks, and products that just make me sooo happy. For us busy mamas, its all about quick and quality - who's got time to be reapplying products all day?? Certainly not me!

So this might be my first post - ever - without a recipe, but here goes. My favorite products and where you can get them. Plus of course, the video of my transformation from scary morning face, to "acceptable in public" mom face.

The Products

(clockwise from left to right)
Garnier BB cream (purchase HERE)
Ava Anderson BB Cream (purchase HERE)
Younique 3D Mascara (purchase HERE)
Ava Anderson Night Serum
MAC fluidline eyeliner in Earth Sign (purchase HERE)
MAC Painterly Pro Longwear Paint Pot (purchase HERE)
MAC Eye Shadow in Naked Lunch (purchase HERE)
SEPHORA Microsmooth contour kit (purchase HERE)

This is the cloth I talk about in the beginning and so many of you had questions... Yes, I do not use soap - just a little warm water on the cloth and amaze-balls! Perfectly clean + exfoliated face!
You can purchase the cloths through the online party my Norwex consultant has created for me - simply click HERE then choose "Personal Care" and "Makeup Removal Package" Make sure to choose my name "Lilias Lewis" at checkout!  Only $19.99 for 3 cloths and since they last forever - couldn't ask for a better deal! One friend is replacing her $30 facial soap with this package - a no-brainer, for sure. So in love with this cloth and I hope you love it as much as I do:)

So that is IT - nothing fancy and normally my whole routine takes less than 5 minutes. Love this stuff and if you have any products you cannot live without - please share them in the comments!

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