5 Fabulous Cookout Recipes for a Fit Family

Summer - both a blessing and a curse when it comes to staying on track with healthy eating. The good? Fresh produce everywhere, CSA's, Farmer's Markets, vegetable stands, pick your own fruit. The bad? Celebrations everywhere, beer, wine, BBQ, ice cream! I don't know about you, but locking myself in my house with clean eats really doesn't sound like a fun way to spend the summer, so instead - take charge of the menu and bring a healthy dish to share with the crowd!

Here are my 5 Favorite dishes for cookouts and parties - if you have never made quinoa, I command you to make the quinoa salad! Packed full of protein, tangy and sweet - plus chock full of superfood. You won't regret it! Whether you are doing the entertaining or arriving as a guest, these recipes will help you stay on track without compromising flavor. Yum!

Berrylicious Overnight Oats

Ok guys - so I know the word "obsessed" is used obsessively these days (hehe), but I have to say that is exactly how I feel about these overnight oats. To be honest, I had written off overnight oats a long time ago - although I love oatmeal, the recipes for overnight oats were often chewy, bland and I just plain didn't like it. I've been running my FREE Eating Groups with my coaching-partner Laura for months and she always shares a recipe for overnight oats. Everyone raves about them, and I think, ugh - not.for.me.

Ok, this week I finally gave them a try - holy, sweet, mother of God. It is like having dessert for breakfast! A deliciously sweet (yup, I have a huge sweet tooth) healthy breakfast. The texture is perfect  and feel free to change up the fruit or type of milk, but this is what works for me!

Roasted Carrots and Zucchini with Feta and Dill

Fresh Mama confession - carrots, not my favorite. Raw I can do, but cooked I always found mushy and tasteless. It wasn't until I discovered roasted carrots that the tides turned and now roasted carrots are regular part of my meal plan. This was inspired by a recipe I saw flipping through Pinterest and da-ding! All the ingredients were in my fridge. I tweaked it to suite my taste and dang, so yummy!

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