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Happy Friday everyone!! Sometimes it seems like the week will never end and then here we are and its time for the weekend again! Starting something new here - a little recap on the favorite things I ate this week and a few fun moments from my life as a 
stay-at-home-working-mom-of-boys-and-a-husband-that-works-crazy-hours - Lol!

Ok, so I couldn't decide which of these meals I liked best, so I decided to share them both. Pictured above - my dinner on Monday night (as per my Meal Plan ) was amaze-balls!!! The Jalapeno-Cheddar Burgers rock and I am borderline obsessed with my new fave side-dish. Sweet potato, dab of Greek yogurt and of course some a lot of Siracha on top! Oh, my sweet, tangy, and spicy all at once. Cannot get enough - and oh, yeah - its all 21 Day Fix Approved. No boring "diet" food here!

The meal below was a yummy lunch prepared by one of the coaches on my team - she invited me over for lunch and I didn't realize I was in for this amazing surprise! Mustard chicken, arugula + cucumber salad with lemon-vinaigrette, corn, zucchini and tomato side dish, and homemade guac (umm, she's Mexican, so the guac was perfect!!!). Such delicious food and fabulous company - I love getting together with the women on my team - as you can see we all have a love of fooooood!!!

It was my brother's birthday on Sunday and he lives in SWEDEN! As you may or may not know - he's the best brother in the world and actually the reason I have this little blog. After years of telling me I need to start a food blog, he bought me the domain name and told me to get blogging. Yikes! I was scared out of my mind, but can't thank my little bro enough for getting me started. So when he said he wanted "as much Shakeology as possible" for his birthday (plus I had to pick up some fancy man-hair gel at Sephora - LOL!! No Sephora or Shakeology in Sweden) I packed it up and sent it his way. 

 And here I am working from home - having a rad day connecting with challengers, setting up my new groups and training new coaches. I work with some pretty awesome ladies and wearing yoga pants all day, does not suck! Have I mentioned I love my new job??

Definitely not a highlight of the week, but my little Colin got struck with a nasty tummy bug. Miss Jade took it upon herself to watch over him with me. Best dog, ever...glad I captured this moment, but so wish he wasn't sick. Dang winter cooties, just will not go away! Hello - its finally warm out, time for the winter ickies to just be done.

And finally - super excited to host my next 3-Day Coach Open House!!! It starts on Monday, April 20th and every month I accept 3-5 new mamas to mentor through my training program. Last month I welcomed 5 new coaches to my team and they are amazing! I get so excited when someone joins the team, because not only are they a teammate, but more importantly, these women have become my friends. 

10 months ago I joined this team - at the time I was working part-time, struggling with my weight and fitness -- overwhelmed and didn't think I had time to add one more thing to my already full plate, but somewhere that voice was whispering that this was an opportunity I could not ignore. 

Today - I can't imagine what my life would look like if I had not taken that leap to learn more about this opportunity! Not only have I lost 15 pounds and am in the best shape of my life, but this "little job" of mine has paid for family vacations and now I make enough to pay our mortgage - last month I quit my job because I was making more income as a fitness coach than my day job. These days I work from home with a team of amazing women, helping other moms take control of their health and wellness. Nothing beats being here for my kids - greeting them at the bus stop and being in charge of my own schedule.  So if you think any of this sounds like a good fit for you (although you will have to work with me, lol!). Simply fill out the easy online form below OR email me at

There is nothing more I enjoy than working with this team of professional, go-getters helping others take control over their health and wellness, so don't be shy! This might be your chance to change your life, both physically, emotionally, and financially! 

Fill out my online form.
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