Peek into my Week

Hi guys! Happy Friday - It was April vacation in our neck of the woods, so I know many of you enjoyed this past week in fun, tropical locations - hopefully you are still soaking up the sun! The short version of my week, is that there isn't a whole lot to share (but do read through - because I have a yummy recipe for you!) - because we didn't do much - our Stay-cation turned into a Sick-ation with both my boys coming down with an awful tummy bug. First Colin was hit the end of last week, we had a day where everyone was ok, then Ev got hit - so much for Stay-cation plans! The original plan was to head up to NH for a day or night, hit the Lego Discovery Center in Boston, and hiking in Purgatory Chasm - but we didn't end up going anywhere! That's ok, I'm just glad no big plans were put on hold due to the cooties floating around here.

Here's Miss Jade, doing what she's best at - snuggling and napping with the boys when they don't feel well. She just loves the fluffy Red Sox blanket!

Easy BBQ Salmon

That crazy day over a year ago, when I decided to press publish on my first blog post - I had no idea where this would go.

Peek into my Week!

Happy Friday everyone!! Sometimes it seems like the week will never end and then here we are and its time for the weekend again! Starting something new here - a little recap on the favorite things I ate this week and a few fun moments from my life as a 
stay-at-home-working-mom-of-boys-and-a-husband-that-works-crazy-hours - Lol!

Clean Eating Meal Prep and this Week's Meal Plan

A busy couple hours in the kitchen on Sunday means a fridge full of clean eats for the week. If you are not food prepping - you need to start!! Go ahead and start off small - maybe hard boil some eggs, cut up some fruit and veggies, then move on to some yummy side dishes and lean proteins when you get the hang of it:) 

You can find my previous blog post on food prep HERE !

Citrus Steak Stir Fry Lettuce Wraps and What is a Challenge Group??

I've been meaning to get these beauties on the blog for a few weeks - cannot wait to make them again, especially now that the weather is warming up!  I created these the first week I started 21 Day Fix Extreme with my challengers. We had the most amazing Challenge Group for the month of March - major pounds lost, new wardrobes being purchased for the summer! Whoop! Want to learn more about how to become a challenger in one of my online support groups??? Keep reading!

I gotta say- I was sooo ready for this program and so excited this recipe works perfectly with the nutrition plan. The citrus marinade makes for a light and fresh flavor and of course - do not forget the hot sauce and avocado! Yum - a party in your mouth!

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