Meal Plan of the Week and Eeeeek!!! I'm BAAAAA-AAACK!

Hi guys! Super excited to share some recent news and of course this week's meal plan - which has a twist to it...As you all know - the past year+ I headed back into the work force. 3 mornings/week, I headed to the office after dropping my boys off at school. It started off so exciting, working in an office, learning new things, having new responsibilities, but always missing my boys, wishing I was there for them after school and honestly, the more time went on, the more stressful it became. 

So the photo below - taken as Colin came sprinting full speed off the bus to give me the biggest hug in the world on Thursday -  because Wednesday was my last day at the office! The boys were beside themselves -- so glad I captured this moment:)

Now I am back where I belong 100% - focusing on my family, running my own business (Fresh Mama Fitness and Health)- this business that I stumbled upon 9 months ago - a "job" I love and can pour my heart and soul into. Helping people reach their health and wellness goals, training others to do what I do and work towards building their own businesses. As I walked out the door of my office for the last time, I felt such freedom and was overwhelmed with happiness. One chapter has closed and a new one has begun!

Each month, my team hosts an informative Open House in a private 3-day Facebook group and my next one starts on Monday the 23rd. I am looking for self-motivated mamas, passionate about helping others and looking for the perfect outlet for their professional skills. If you have your college diploma hanging on the wall, but spend your days changing diapers, heading to Mommy and Me classes, or carting kids to after school activities - joining my team might be the perfect fit for you. Put your professional skills to work, while earning income from home (in the hours you choose) and staying on track with your own health and fitness goals! There is no obligation to join the Open House, so if you are interested in learning more, please comment below with your email or email me at !

Eeeek - Ok, now I know you all love to come here for the meal plans - so here's the twist on this week's plan. I signed up for Plated a couple weeks ago. In case you haven't heard of Plated, it is basically a service where you have healthy meals prepped in advance, shipped, and then you cook them according to the recipes provided. 

This is what arrived on Friday - I have to say, this was supposed to happen last week, but the box was damaged during shipping, so the replacement did not reach me until a week later than originally ordered. I will be doing a full review once we have actually eaten the meals;) Here goes, this week's Meal Plan!

Sunday: Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Tacos with Lime Crema (Plated)

Monday: Sunchoke and Kale Hash with Currants over Red Quinoa ( Plated - a wee bit skeptical)

Tuesday: Sicilian-Style Cod with Parsley Garlic Potatoes (Plated)

Wednesday: Clean Eating Sausage and Potatoes, broccoli, apple sauce

Thursday: Orange-Sesame Pork Stirfry, brown rice, orange slices

Friday: Homemade pizza and salad

Saturday: Dinner out

Have you tried a fresh dinner delivery service? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts! Comment below!

Wishing you all a great week of eating healthy, yummy food!

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