Meal plan of the Week!

Ah, this week I'm breaking out some oldies but goodies! We still have snow on the ground, but I am ready for some light and fresh meals - don't worry the crockpot will still be getting a workout! Plus, I will definitely be making a batch of these Gluten-Free Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies - finishing up my first round of 21 Day Fix Extreme and mama needs a treat!!!

Double Banana Power Smoothie

Looking for the perfect breakfast, after-school snack, or pre-game energy booster for your kids??? Well, this smoothie has it all and my kids are asking for it constantly! Feel free to change it up - and make it your own. This smoothie is bringing smiles to my boy's faces and this mama just loves a meal I can whip up in a under a minute. Gotta love the Vitamix!

Meal Plan of the Week and Eeeeek!!! I'm BAAAAA-AAACK!

Hi guys! Super excited to share some recent news and of course this week's meal plan - which has a twist to it...As you all know - the past year+ I headed back into the work force. 3 mornings/week, I headed to the office after dropping my boys off at school. It started off so exciting, working in an office, learning new things, having new responsibilities, but always missing my boys, wishing I was there for them after school and honestly, the more time went on, the more stressful it became. 

So the photo below - taken as Colin came sprinting full speed off the bus to give me the biggest hug in the world on Thursday -  because Wednesday was my last day at the office! The boys were beside themselves -- so glad I captured this moment:)

Orange-Sesame Pork Stir-Fry

Confession - I have been cooking so much these past couple weeks - and loving every minute! After months of constant after school activities and rushing around from 3pm-8pm, we decided to take a break. No activities Monday through Thursday and now only another month of Friday night hockey practice. If you have a crazy schedule and just need a little down time, I highly recommend it! Homework has been getting done without complaint (okay... maybe just a little, but honestly - evenings have been so great). We've had time to play games, snuggle on the couch, watch some shows and just relax! Plus the boys have been helping me make dinner! Baseball season will be on us soon enough - well, that is assuming the bazillion feet of snow melt before July - hahahahaha, so I'm just going to enjoy this next month or so and keep the activities to a minimum.

There are few things I enjoy more than a quick and easy weeknight dinner that takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish and this recipe fits the bill. Veggies + protein + a sweet and tangy sauce = better than take out and so much healthier. This dinner was gobbled up by everyone and luckily I had a little left for lunch leftovers. I think this would be yumm-o with shrimp, too - so that is on the menu text time!

Butterscotch Brownies

I know I always keep it healthy here, but - I just had to share this recipe. It was Valentine's Party time at the kid's school and I wanted to make them a special treat. The thought of running out to the store for ingredients was not appealing - so I perused my Pinterest boards in hopes of finding a recipe with all the ingredients in house. I came across this - pinned many moons ago. Blondies? What's not to like! 

Seriously guys, these were sooooooo good and incredibly easy to make. The secret is in the whole wheat flour and making sure to melt the butter with the brown sugar. The whole wheat flour imparts a nutty flavor while melting the butter with the sugar gives it the special butterscotch flavor - yum! I had a bite and was instantly back in time - my Gram (who was an amazing baker) always had "butterscotch brownies" on hand. She kept them in the freezer for unexpected visitors - she was such a great cook/baker, that visitors were frequent and she always fed them well (from scratch of course!).

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