Fresh Mama Greens Round Up: 11 Recipes for Cooking and Storing Fresh Summer Greens

It has been a phenomenal few weeks here for the blog. First I was nominated for the Leibster Award, then I hosted my very first Cooking Demo at my local library, followed up by a photo shoot this week! In addition, my recipes have been featured regularly on Foodies and Wellnez TV and I started the Fresh Mama Fitness Page. Yup, A LOT going on!

So I want to give a huge ******THANK YOU****** to all of  you who stop by regularly, or just  take a peek every now and then. To see where this blog has gone in a few short months is overwhelming, humbling, exciting, and most days I pinch just to make sure this is all real. I started this blog as a place to share my recipes and let you guys know how truly easy it can be to incorporate local ingredients and homemade pantry items/baked goods into your daily lives. It is my hope that more people are out there joining CSA's, shopping at Farmers Markets, cooking and baking from scratch, and getting their kids to work in the kitchen. The most rewarding part of this are the messages from one of you saying "I made your recipe and it was so easy!", or "my kids loved your recipe!" Now I want all of you who have tried something new, give yourself a pat on the back. Every time you buy local, say no to packaged junk food, and eat Real Food you are giving a priceless gift  to yourself, your family, and your community. So stay tuned, because I promise things are only going up from here:)

Ok, so enough of my blathering on and lets talk about the Cooking Demo at the library... I had the honor of showing a fabulous group of women and one young man a few of my favorite recipes. After the demo, we snacked and made Mason Jar Salads to take home, and one lucky lady (Mary) won an entire batch of Whole Grain Pancake Mix! We had so much fun and I look forward to doing it again!

I answered many question, but hands down the most common question of the night:
"What do you do with all the greens?".

So I thought it would be perfect to post a "Round Up" of all the Fresh Mama recipes for cooking and storing greens. Here you go!

*In Summmer use zucchini instead of acorn squash*
I hope you find having all these greens recipes in one spot helpful! Have fun cooking up all the amazing summer produce and let me know what you're making!
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