FMCC: Summer Salads and a Photoshoot

So, today was  a very special FMCC (Fresh Mamas Cooking Club)! Not only did we make three of my very favorite summer salad recipes, but my friend Karen stopped on over for a photoshoot of the Mamas at work. It was so great to sit back and enjoy running the show without worrying about getting photos of everything. I wish Karen could be with me every time I'm working on a recipe and need photos (plus she was a blast to hang out with-- she fit right in with the Fresh Mamas)! *Photos in this post by Karen Sigler Photography*

These salad recipes have been a staple in my home during the summer months,  forever.  If you have a BBQ or potluck in your near future, any of these will be a hit! The Sesame Noodle recipe is very special to me --I created this recipe a few years ago and actually won a cooking contest with the recipe! You can see the post on Stop Lookin' Get Cookin'. I changed it up a little bit today by keeping it vegetarian with tofu, instead of chicken, but you can certainly use any protein you like. The flavors in the Cucumber Salad and Mexican Salad are so tangy and fresh. Perfect for summertime!

So take a peek at our work in the kitchen and then enjoy the recipes -- Let me know which one you will be trying this summer!

Sausage-Collards-Quinoa Soup

Yes, it is summer and yes this is a soup recipe. I know, not what you were expecting... However, I have been making this recipe for a few months and I absolutely love it! It is so, so, so good -- you can freeze it and reheat without any loss of flavor or texture. I love to bring this to work for lunch and seriously, my freezer has been stocked with it for months. The only reason I have not posted the recipe has been a lack of a quality photo. Although it is delicious, it is not the most photogenic soup. As my kids say "it looks gross, but tastes yummy"!

Easy Strawberry Smoothie and the Leibster Award!

First off.. Thank you, Lauren at Working Mom Magic for the nomination! The Leibster Award is a super fun way to find new blogs and support new bloggers -- I am so honored Lauren chose me as one of her nominees! When I first started blogging, I did TONS of research and kept hearing that the majority of bloggers quit after six months, well I have been blogging for seven months and have no plans to quit! So, a huge thank you to Lauren and all my followers for the support over these past few months. This nomination mean so much to me... xo

Lemon-Pepper Roasted Asparagus

After a long winter here in New England, these past couple weeks of fresh CSA veggies have been a welcome burst of bright color and fresh, crisp flavor! Just look at this photo -- so many beautiful colors and believe me it all tastes as good as it looks. Strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce and greens, early red onions, beets, radishes so many flavors! Friends often ask me how I come up with recipes to share on this blog, well look at my inspiration... The options are endless when working with all this beautiful produce! So here you go, one of my favorite asparagus recipes!


Fresh Tomato-Arugula Salad

My first delivery of summer CSA shares arrived on Tuesday! A very exciting day considering it had been two weeks since my last delivery and I had been buying all my produce at the grocery store -- just plain boring! So you can imagine my excitement when I saw these gorgeous tomatoes and fresh arugula just waiting to be eaten. This salad could not be easier to make, literally takes less than 2 minutes. My 8 year old inhaled it! 

Meal Plan Week of 6/8-6/6/14

So I know, I know, I know, it has been a while since I shared a meal plan. My apologies, it has been a busy few weeks, but I'm happy to share this week's and get back on track with sharing my meal plans on a regular basis. Without a CSA delivery for 2 weeks, I have been shopping at the store and let me tell you, I am so excited to get my box of veggies this week (and of course my farm fresh eggs!). I will make sure to post a photo of this week's share on my Fresh Mama Facebook Page.

Balsamic Marinated Chicken and Some Exciting News!

Have you ever been really, really excited about something, but nervous to tell people? Well, I have been feeling like this for a few days and finally decided to just shout it out! After much thought, pondering, arguing with myself, and doubts the positivity has won and I decided to become a Beach Body Coach!

Lemon-Dill Baked Salmon

So, this meal was a surprise hit in our house. My go-to salmon recipe, Maple Roasted Salmon, is always eaten with gusto, but I had fresh dill on hand and wanted to try something a little different... My friend Dawn (you know her as the co-creator of FMCC), made a version of this at a potluck we had for all the Fresh Mamas and it was delicious.

I modified the recipe slightly and let me tell you, it was amazing -- Light and fresh, but full of flavor. With only 3 main ingredients and ready in under 20 minutes, it really could not be more simple. My 7 year old went back for seconds! I served it with sautéed yellow squash and fennel and fresh strawberries/blueberries.

09/09/2014 photo updated

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