Meal Plan Week of 5/4 - 5/10

This week my CSA delivery included a very special item... RAMPS!!! These spicy spring onions, also known as wild leeks, are only available for a few weeks in early spring. They are wild harvested (how much fun would it be to go ramp hunting?!) in the mountains of the Appalachians. If you have never had ramps, I urge you to try them. You can use them in almost any recipe you would use garlic or onions. My plans for the ramps included: ramp pesto, macaroni and cheese with ramps instead of onions, zucchini salad with ramps.

ramp pesto with steak, roasted veggies, mashed butternut/parsnips


In addition to the ramps this week's CSA box included: butternut squash, kale, green leaf lettuce, rutabaga, sweet potatoes, green cabbage, carrots, green bell pepper, zucchini

Sunday: Baked Mac N Cheese with whole-wheat shells, Zucchini Salad with ramps

Monday: Sweet Potato Taco Bowl (A little Mexican flavor for Cinco De Mayo!Ole!)

Tuesday: Grilled Sausage, baked beans, cole slaw

Wednesday: Pita Salad Pockets
*This is a fun one for the kids. Prep a variety of veggies, cheeses, grilled chicken, and salad dressing. Let them make their own pockets. A great way to introduce some new foods and flavors!

Friday: Dinner Out

Saturday: Homemade Pizza

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