Meal Plan Week of 3/29-4/5

Here it is, next week's meal plan! We have a busy week ahead of us... My little guy has hockey tryouts, which means two nights at the hockey rink and one of those nights is on my work-day, so I had to plan something super-quick and easy --hence the bagel pizza night. If I have my act together on Sunday, I can hopefully find time to make some homemade bagels. If not, it will be store-bought bagels... you do what you can, right?!

This week's CSA box included: jalapeno peppers, cabbage, carrots, grape tomatoes, fennel, escarole, fresh dill, beets, swiss chard, and oranges.

Sunday: Jalapeno Cheddar Burger, cole slaw

Monday: Spicy Pinto Beans, corn bread

Tuesday: Bagel Personal Pizzas, salad, fruit

Wednesday: Crockpot Country Style Ribs, leftover spicy beans and corn bread

Thursday: Red Curried Lentils with CSA greens, brown rice, orange slices

Friday: Dinner Out

Saturday: Homemade Pizza, salad

In addition to the meal plan, I will also be making some snacks for the week: Chewy Granola Bars, Maple Pecan Granola, Homemade Maple Yogurt, Oatmeal Cups, Homemade Bagels, cut fruit and veggies

Have a great week, everyone! Thank you for following the blog, I'm so thankful for all the positive feedback and glad you guys are finding the Meal Plans helpful!

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