Meal Plan Week of 3/29-4/5

Here it is, next week's meal plan! We have a busy week ahead of us... My little guy has hockey tryouts, which means two nights at the hockey rink and one of those nights is on my work-day, so I had to plan something super-quick and easy --hence the bagel pizza night. If I have my act together on Sunday, I can hopefully find time to make some homemade bagels. If not, it will be store-bought bagels... you do what you can, right?!

This week's CSA box included: jalapeno peppers, cabbage, carrots, grape tomatoes, fennel, escarole, fresh dill, beets, swiss chard, and oranges.

Laura's Butternut Squash Soup

Winter is almost over (hopefully), so this may be one of my final butternut squash recipes until next year... My friend Laura and I go waaay back.. We actually rode the bus together when we were kids, have stayed friends over the years, and both love to cook. Before kids, we were part of a dinner club which, in a way, has been an inspiration for the Fresh Mamas Cooking Club. I miss those days and am so thankful for all my friends who have supported my blog from the start. Laura has been a huge supporter and once she shared this recipe with me I knew it had to go on the blog. Oh, my goodness it was delicious!

Would you believe I have never used Herbs de Provence before? I know, crazy, right? Well I am officially a fan and also used the herb mixture for my Best Oven "Fries". Deee-lish!!

Meal Plan Week of 3/23-3/29

Wow! This week flew by in our house. I can't believe it is already time to post my meal plan. Since I started working at the end of 2013, it has definitely been a learning process as to what meals work best on days I work in the office. I try to do make-ahead meals, crockpot, or quick and easy dinners, but I don't always have time on the weekends to prep everything for the week.  I did a bit better sticking to last week's plan than the previous week, but did veer from my planned lentil soup... I didn't have time to make it the night before, so I quickly sautéed up some chicken sausage, shallots, and collards. It was sooo good! Here is the recipe:

FMCC: Quinoa salad, Paleo Fudge, Oatmeal Cups

Woooo! So excited to share these recipes from our last FMCC cook day! We had a full house with 9 Mamas in the kitchen. So awesome! We had a couple new faces (Monika and Marisa). Although Marisa is active on the blog and facebook page, she hadn't made it to a cook day, yet. After the cook day, she texted me -- "I have found my people"! Yup, she said it perfectly -- I love that these mamas "get" me, I love the cooking, I love the laughter, I love the connections I have made with these special women, they are my people! Thank you, Marisa for putting into words, how we all feel about FMCC:)

As always, lots of laughter and we accomplished so much in just a short amount of time with all the helpers in the kitchen. The quinoa salad is a hybrid of various recipes --I love this dressing and of course anything with mango and avocado is a winner in my book. The Paleo Fudge is incredible -- a perfect sweet treat after dinner. Rich chocolate and peanut butter deliciousness. If you like peanut butter cups (and really who doesn't love chocolate and peanut butter?!), you will love these. With all natural ingredients, it's a treat you can feel good about. I have seen the Oatmeal Cups recipe floating around Pinterest for a while and couldn't wait to try it. They are good, but I intend to play around with the recipe to make them a bit more tasty. One of the Fresh Mamas, Holly,  has already made another batch and added more raisins and walnuts to the batter and said that they were better. She likes to have one with her morning smoothie!


Maple Roasted Salmon

Looking for the perfect salmon recipe? Well, here it is! This has been a staple in my house since I first started making it a few years ago. It pairs beautifully with most of my CSA veggies and makes an equally easy weeknight dinner or fancy dinner for guests.The last time I made it, both boys went back for thirds!    If you aren't comfortable cooking with fish, start with this recipe -- only 5 ingredients and it takes less than 20 minutes start to finish.

I have shared this recipe with so many friends and often receive requests for it, so here it is -- pin it, book mark it, share it, enjoy it! (Did you know you can pin directly from any image on my blog? Just hover over the photo, then click on the Pinterest icon):)

Meal Plan Week of 3/16-3/22

Happy St. Paddy's Day everyone!!! We started off our week with a traditional corned beef and cabbage boiled dinner -- I only make it once a year, so we had my father-in-law over for dinner and all the boys scarfed it down.

I have to report last week's meal plan ended up being a mere suggestion. My pup wasn't feeling well and I had to rush her to the vet's office Monday night right at dinner time, with the kids in tow. Good times... Then my husband had to travel for work, which kind of threw things off. So basically, last week was good reminder that even the best laid plans sometimes get thrown out the window!

Luckily, my sweet girl is fully recovered, the hub is home and its a new week! So here it is -- this week's plan and I hope I can stick to it!

Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of my favorite things about my CSA is the variety of items we receive each week. Our boxes always include veggies and fruit, but sometimes we find local whole grains from Four Star Farms! In the past we have received spelt, barley, corn meal, and last week we received buckwheat flour. To be honest, I have never used buckwheat before, but my CSA included a chocolate chip recipe and I couldn't wait to try it! On my first batch I used half buckwheat flour/half all-purpose flour, and they were soooo yummy, -- I switched to 100% buckwheat flour on the second batch. The buckwheat gives a rich, nutty flavor to the cookies. I brought some in for my office-mates and they thought they were delicious and couldn't believe they were not made with white flour. I love experimenting with new ingredients, especially when they can make treats a little healthier!

One of the Fresh Mamas, Marisa, has sworn off boxed cookies/desserts in her home and has started trying a new "healthier" treat recipe for her family each week. We will be working together to put together a "tried and true" recipe list for you guys and get it posted once we have about 10 great healthier recipes. So excited for this project...especially the taste testing;)

In the meantime, try these buckwheat cookies!

Meal Plan of the Week 3/9-3/15 and How to Find a CSA

Aaaah!!!! Finally getting this meal plan written, I have to say I had a hard time deciding what to make this week. Thank you to those of you who gave me some inspiration! I think I had "cook's block" this weekend. Lol!

This week, I signed up for my Spring CSA share! I'm dreaming of strawberries, asparagus, fresh herbs, spring onions, peas, radishes... I cannot wait! Have you signed up for a local CSA? The growing season is right around the corner, so if you are thinking of signing up for a CSA this summer, most farmer's are already taking payments for summer shares.

Taco Stuffed Peppers

Does your family like Mexican flavors? These peppers are a perfect make-ahead meal with a delicious flavor combination - sweet peppers and zesty taco flavors -- YUM! I like to use a combination of red, yellow, orange and green peppers -- at dinner time the boys like to take their time picking the perfect pepper:) This recipe has become a staple in our home since the first time I made it. With homemade taco seasoning and sauce, it is truly a spectacular, flavorful dish!

Meal Plan Week of 3/2-3/8

Hi folks! Well, it is March 1st and we are still freezing our you-know-whats off in New England. It is this time of year, that I am so happy to be part of a year-round CSA. Getting that beautiful box of veggies/fruits and eggs each week makes cooking and meal planning so much fun! Last week we devoured the majority of our share in the first day:)

Have a great week! Here is this week's meal plan:

Sunday: steak, The Best Oven "Fries", garden salad

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