Ginger Puree for the Freezer

I don't know about you, but Asian-inspired meals are one of my favorite meals to make -- we have stir-fry at least every other week. It is quick, easy, and delicious. Also, an easy way to make use of my fresh CSA veggies! I absolutely love fresh ginger, but it can be time consuming and cumbersome to use when trying to get a quick dinner on the table. I have purchased the ginger puree available in the produce section at the grocery store, but it is expensive and often has preservatives and additives. So I decided to make my own ginger puree! So easy and you will always have fresh ginger, ready to use! Now, since ginger does not come in a uniform size, please use your judgement and check the puree frequently for consistency while blending.
How to Make Your Own Ginger Puree 

1. First peel a 4-5 inch piece of fresh ginger, then cut into 1-2 inch chunks

2 .Place ginger chunks in mini-chopper, blender, or food processor, blend until finely chopped.
3. Then add 3 tablespoons water and blend again. Puree is ready when it holds shape after forming a small ball between your fingers. Add more water 1 teaspoon at a time until correct consistency.

4. Measure out portions by pressing into a tablespoon or teaspoon and placing on
 baking sheet lined with wax paper.  This time I made both tablespoon and teaspoon portions.

5. Freeze overnight on baking sheets, then use spatula to transfer to freezer bag. Now you have frozen ginger, premeasured and ready to go!
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