Siracha Salted Acorn Squash

You might think fall in New England means an end to seasonal, fresh produce - but honestly, its my favorite season for CSA deliveries. This box of gorgeous bounty comes to my house each week - just look at all those colors!

This week we are enjoying kale, radishes, tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, apples, parsley, sweet potatoes, cabbage, eggs and of course acorn squash!

Portabello + Goat Cheese Omelet {21 Day Fix Approved}

Ah - eggs! In our house we go through about 2 dozen/week...from my hub's hard-boiled eggs on-the-go, or my 7 year old that starts almost every day with 3 fried eggs, or my 9 year old who loves them scrambled, plus my own obsession with eggs as a post-workout snack.  Seriously - what's not to love about eggs?

We get them delivered from a local farm with our CSA box each week - nothing like farm fresh eggs! Ok, so about this omelet - the recipe comes from the official 21 Day Fix cookbook "Fixate" by Autumn Calbrese. Love, love, love, this cookbook - all tasty, simple meals, totally up my alley! My photo might not be perfect like the one in the cookbook, but take my word for it - the flavors are delicious. I actually was too lazy to make the omelet a few times, so just did a scramble instead. This was my prettiest, blog-worthy concoction...

Its FREE Group Time!

Hey mamas! Its that time again - time to join in the fun and support of my next FREE group! With holidays in mind, we will be running around more than usual and needing healthy snacks on hand. So let's get together and share our favorite healthy snacks. We will also set aside a few minutes a day to work on that booty with some fun squats and other moves to keep those tushies tight!

Reserve your spot by filling out this easy online form!

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Mason Jar Taco Salad {21 Day Fix Approved}

Hey mamas! Ready for a new recipe that will rock your world? These Mason Jar Taco Salads are easy to make, stay fresh for days, and make your taste buds happy - all while keeping you on track with your clean/healthy eating. Whip up a few of these for your Sunday Food Prep and they will be good in the fridge for 4-5 days!

Crockpot and Core Challenge {Starts October 5th}

Are you ready for some new crockpot recipes to get your fall cooking off to a fresh start? My next FREE group starts October 5th and we will be getting our crocking on! In addition, I will be sharing some easy/no-equipment needed core exercises to add into your daily workout.

Here's a fun workout to get you started and yes, I DO need to modify those tricep push-ups. Ouch!

::Make sure to REGISTER via the easy online form below::

Fill out my online form.

5 Tips for Hiking with Kids (and Banana Oat Blender Pancakes!)

Fall in New England - the season is just beginning and in my opinion - there is no better time to hit the trails with your family. Whether you want to go on a simple walk through the woods or aim high and go for the summit - being prepared increases your chances of having happy hikers and making this a regular activity for your family! 

Maple Roasted Radishes

 What happens when you mix radishes and maple syrup????? Simply put - a unique, delicious party in your mouth! Roasting is my secret weapon when preparing a healthy, flavorful meal - especially with this recipe. The roasting takes the "bite" off the radish and replaces it with a subtle nuttiness which will amaze you.

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