Spicy Glazed Salmon

It's been a while since I've made a "blog-worthy" new recipe and this one is so freaking good, I've made it twice in the past 4 days, haha! So, yeah - it needs to be on here, so I can save it for posterity!

6 Time-Saving Kitchen Tools EVERY Busy Mom Needs!

Let's be honest - what is the ONE thing we all want more of? Its TIME, right?

We want more hours in the day. We want to squeeze out every moment of the weekend and we want to spend our time doing the things we LOVE doing, instead of slaving away in the kitchen - right?

Now, you guys know - I work really hard to feed my family healthy meals and over the years, I've really honed in on what works for us and what doesn't!

Specifically, what kitchen tools we actually use and which tools sit idly doing nothing more than taking up precious cabinet space. 

Healthy (low-carb) Shepherd's Pie

Mmmm, with the cool weather finally rolling in - nothing says fall like some delicious, homecooked comfort food!

Unfortunately, comfort food usually means calories - and the extra carbs, fat, and bloat that comes with them. Sigh.

But not this recipe! All real ingredients and still super simple to whip up - this is absolutely going into our regular rotation!

Vegan Southwest Tacos

You guys - in case you haven't noticed, its been pretty quiet here since school started, but that's simply because I've been working hard behind the scenes to launch some amazing new options to help you and your family get healthy and stay healthy!

However, I realized this awesome recipe was not on my blog (the horror!) - and it's been a family favorite for a while - shame on me for not getting this out there!

Vegan Southwest Tacos

1/4 avocado, smashed
2 Tablespoons fresh pico de gallo (save yourself some time and buy some! I grabbed mine at Trader Joe's of course:)
1/4 cup Easy Peasy Rice and Beans
1/4 cup cooked frozen organic corn (again, I used Trader Joe's)
1 organic corn tortilla

Top avocado with pico de gallo and set aside.
Mix Rice and Beans with corn.
Stuff tortilla with mixture, and enjoy!

*For the meat eaters in your family, just whip up a batch of taco meat and everyone will be happy! My kids loooove the rice and beans!

Original recipe: From the Ultimate Reset eating plan

Sweet and Spicy Cauliflower + Broccoli Bites


Could you ask for more in a snack/side dish? Completely obsessed with these and you will be too! 

Summer Roasted Vegetable Pasta

This actually wasn't the first time I've made this dish - but each time I've tweaked it a bit and finally have the perfect recipe for YOU...this pasta recipe takes no time at all and the rich/bold flavors blend together a party in your mouth! My one rule when it comes to summertime flavors - keep.it.simple.

Greek Quinoa Salad

Have you ever gone vegan? For a day, a week, or even just one meal?! Honestly - its not for me on the long-term, but after doing the Ultimate Reset for the second time (21 Day Detox/elimination diet) - I can truly say its something everyone should do at least once to see how they feel!

This recipe comes from the Reset meal plan and everyone in my group looooved it!

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