My 3 Day Refresh Experience

Hi Everyone!

I know it's been a while since I've done a blog post - first it was Thanksgiving, then I embarked on my 3 Day Refresh Cleanse after Thanksgiving and my brother is here visiting from Sweden! Super busy, but I have been receiving so many questions on how the cleanse works, I figured I would just share here, so you could learn a bit more. In more news, I  kicked off a weekly healthy snack feature on my Fresh Mama Fitness page, so make sure to tune in on Sundays for healthy snack ideas like this:

Sliced cucumber and hummus sprinkled with chili powder

8 Tips to Survive Holiday Temptations

So we've all heard the stats... the average American gains 7-12 pounds between Halloween and New Years. Ummmm, not sure about you, but that is not how I want to end 2014!!!! Obviously I absolutely love food (have you met me? I mean I talk about food all the time!!!). I get it, the holidays are nuts -- plus, in our family we have multiple birthdays in December. Yikes! However, you can't let the craziness be an excuse to leave your health and fitness goals behind. So here are my top tips to help you make it through the holidays with confidence and start 2015 on the right foot!

A beautiful veggie and hummus plate with watermelon radishes!

Weeknight Dinner in Under 10 Minutes: Caprese Flatbreads

Ok, here's a meal you need on your meal plan next week! With Thanksgiving coming, who wants to be cooking heavy, complicated meals? I sure don't! This meal was inspired by an appetizer we had at a restaurant over the weekend, of course Evan (my Caprese salad lover) devoured it and declared I needed to make it at home. I know most of my recipes are from scratch, but if you don't have time to make your own bread, pesto, and balsamic glaze, then just buy some (I did!-- Sssshhhh)... I bought all ingredients at my local Trader Joe's.

FMCC: Granola, Egg Muffins, and Everything but the Kitchen Sink Veggie Soup!

Wow guys! Guess what??? We are just a few days away from the Fresh Mama one year Bogiversary!!! I cannot believe it!!! So many amazing things have happened since I took that leap almost one year ago and decided to start sharing my recipes and kitchen tips with you guys. Now the blog has an even more exciting feature as my fitness business is thriving and I cannot wait to share more of that on here.  I truly hope you have enjoyed the recipes and posts -- I know its a few days away, but I wanted to say thank you by throwing a KIND bar giveaway! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for all your support and make sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of the page!

I apologize that you haven't seen much action on here with new recipes -- I was in a rut, tried a couple recipes over a few weeks and NOTHING panned out. However, I made a couple REALLY good recipes last week and took photos, so keep an eye out on some upcoming blog posts! But today, you can enjoy all the great recipes we made at FMCC (Fresh Mamas Cooking Club) last week.

Homemade Applesauce: 3 Ways

Our apple picking days are almost over here in New England. Luckily, I went a couple times this season -- first a few weeks ago as a work outing -- apple picking and local fruit wines! Yum! I ended up with tons of apples because my co-worker doesn't like apples, so she gave them to me (whaaat??? weird, right???  but it worked to my benefit!). I made tons of applesauce with these!

Me and my girl Brie! (photo courtesy of Tracy Torteson)
So pretty

Pumpkin Donuts

Yay for fall! Fall in New England means apple-picking, beautiful hiking, and of course, everything PUMPKIN!!! I had not made these donuts since last fall and the kids were begging for them. Sorry, but the pumpkin donuts at  a certain coffee chain, are no comparison. These are fresh, full of flavor and best when enjoyed warm from the oven. We baked them before meeting some friends for a hike and all the kids loved them. I know you're thinking, ugh -- I do not want another specialty baking pan, but I do recommend using a donut pan for that perfect crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside donut. You can also bake as mini-muffins (similar to donut holes). I did both and the kids (and moms) enjoyed them all!

Meal Plan of the Week and a Giveaway!!!

Hey guys!!! After a very busy weekend, I am finally taking a minute to sit and write the meal plan for you...I also have a fun Giveaway with Leaf and Love Organic Lemonade, so make sure to enter! Apparently the boys had so much fun helping with the meal plan last week, they wanted to each pick a meal for this week. Colin asked for chili (again) and Evan asked for homemade pizza, so I made sure to include their choices.

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