Clean Eating Sausage and Potatoes

Let me start this blog post with an apology. I am sooo sorry it has taken me this long to put this recipe on the blog - the whole family loves it + it is super easy + its is super healthy. This is a "go-to" meal when time is tight and you need to get dinner on the table in 30 minutes. Nothing better than a family meal that also fits in with my Insanity Max 30 meal plan! I use my 21 Day Fix containers for my portions and bam - staying on track with a happy dinner table. Sausage + potatoes means you cannot go wrong!

5 Day Healthy Eating Group and Roasted Sweet Potatoes!

Hey guys!! Looking for more structure and tips on eating healthy throughout the week? Want to know what I eat on a daily basis? Most importantly - are you looking for family friendly meals you can feel good about? Join my next 5 Day Healthy Eating group! Exclusive meal plan (meals + snacks), shopping list, and of course recipes! All you need to do is hit the grocery store and be ready to commit to 5 days of filling your belly with healthy food. Ready to reserve your spot? Just pop me an email at and let me know you are ready to join the 5-Day Group!

Here is a great recipe before we get started - Check out my Roasted Sweet Potatoes with 21 Day Fix Seasoning! So easy to make and absolutely delicious - Make sure to head on over to My You Tube Channel for Part 2 of the recipe!

21 Day Fix Seasoning

4 tsp. onion powder
2 tsp. garlic powder
2 tsp. dried mustard
1/4 tsp. dried thyme
1/4 tsp. fresh ground pepper
1 tsp. sea salt

As always - Thanks for stopping by!


Gluten-Free Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chances are you have a friend or family member who has gone gluten-free... These days it seems to be all the rage, but honestly, even if you are not gluten-free you will want to make these (well, as long as you are ok with tree nuts)! Note: You will want to have parchment paper to line your baking sheet.

Crockpot Turkey Tiki Masala (21 Day Fix Approved)

Nothing like cold weather to inspire some crockpot cooking! My whole family adores this dinner and it has become a regular in our house, so of course I knew it had to go up on the blog.  I was originally introduced to this recipe when my partner and I co-hosted a Crockpot Challenge group in December, this was by far, my favorite recipe and is a regular in the rotation, now. This was the perfect Sunday dinner could not be easier and the whole house smelled sooo good while it was cooking! A few hours after the crockpot got going, the kids come running into the kitchen "Mom, what's for dinner? Its smells sooo good!". Ah, that always brings a smile to my face - The best part about this dinner? It is so darn healthy and 21 Day Fix approved!

Meal Plan of the Week and Roasted Veggie Greek Salad

I'm hearing you guys miss my meal plans!!! You know what??? Me toooo!!! So this week, I am back on it, plus I have a super yummy recipe for you. We've been digging out from under 4 feet of snow in Massachusetts, plus another foot is coming tonight and school is canceled AGAIN. I'm highly considering strapping a plow on the front of my Mom-mobile because there is some major cabin fever going on here!

The up side? I've been spending lots of time in the kitchen and have plenty of recipes to share. Of course, I have some healthy, comfort food choices on the menu this week. My February 21 Day Fix group (nutrition/fitness online accountability group) is under way and I'm sticking to the plan right along side them. Planning is key to staying on track throughout the week, not only for dinners, but all my meals and snacks. So, here are our family friendly 21 Day Fix approved meals for the week!

BLT Quiche

Quiche -- can you think of any other food that is so versatile? Easy, elegant, inexpensive, and perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Truly one of my favorite dishes and this quiche has been gracing my repertoire for years. I honestly don't even remember where I found the inspiration - maybe Cooking Light or the Food Network. I have made this so many times and always with astounding reviews. I mean, what's not to love??? Bacon (yes, please!), Leeks, and of course tomaotoes - and don't forget the cheeeeeeese!!!!!

Stuffed Pepper Soup

Hi everyone - Yes, I know it has been a loooong time since I posted. A couple reasons for that, but first and foremost I'm glad to be back in action! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday/winter break. My boys headed back to school today, somewhat reluctantly, but not gonna lie - I was looking forward to a day to make a dent in my to-do list without distractions. 

I spent most of Sunday in my kitchen and this soup was on the menu. Unfortunately I have a couple friends going through some health issues right now, so of course I wanted to make them some meals. Some people are good at helping with childcare or rides, etc., but obviously food is where I try to make a difference. Nothing like having a fridge full of healthy, yummy food and this soup fits the bill. Fresh bell peppers, brown rice, lean ground beef and spices = a hearty mouthful of yumminess! Perfect for this arctic weather we are experiencing here in New England. I doubled the recipe for you guys - this freezes great and it is a recipe the whole family will love, so you might as well save time and make a big batch! 

Before we get to the recipe, I wanted to share a few changes you will see around here... First, I haven't blogged in ages.  A couple reasons: 1. My old laptop had one foot in the grave and did not like it when I blogged, so thankfully my birthday falls 3 days after Christmas and the hub bought me a new MacBook Air (I'm in love!). I'm still getting used to it, but obviously I'm back in business! 2. I have been focusing on growing my fitness business. For those of you that do not know - 7 months ago I decided to take the leap and become a fitness coach! This has been an amazing journey and I will be sharing more about that on here. 

You will still find the same great recipes (well, I hope you think they're great;), PLUS I will be adding fitness related posts. Food is and always will be my first love and I am so excited to start sharing even more healthy lifestyle tips. Being a Fresh Mama is more than just eating healthy - gotta move those bodies, too!

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